Pastor Andy Wells

Pastor Wells was born July 6th, 1966 in Dalton, Georgia. He is the son of Pastor & Mrs. Larry Wells of Newport, Tennessee. At an early age he and his family moved from Georgia to Newport, Tennessee where his father began to pastor the Calvary Baptist Tabernacle.  Pastor Wells was saved in a revival meeting at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Greenville, Tn.  In 1985 Bro. Wells married his wife Beverley, they have been blessed by the Lord with five wonderful children.  Bro. Wells served as a financial services manager with TranSouth Financial Services from 1985-1993.  In 1990 God called Bro. Wells to preach the gospel, he began pastoring the Calvary Baptist Church of Columbia, TN April of 1991.  June of 1995 Bro. Wells returned to the Calvary Baptist Tabernacle of Newport, TN; from 1995-2001 he administrated a k-12 christian school and held the postition of associate pastor of the church.  June of 2001 Bro. Wells accepted the pastorate of the Galilee Baptist Church of Monroe, NC.  GBC under the leadership of Pastor Wells is a multi-ministry church endeavoring to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Galilee Baptist Teen Camp is a major thrust of this ministry.  The teen camps began in 2002 with a single week ministering to the spiritual need of less than 100 children.  Today the camps are conducted three weeks per summer and minister to hundreds of young people throughout the nation.  Many have been saved and several young men have been called to preach the gospel, still others have answered the call to missions.  It is the goal of Pastor Wells to one day acquire a large piece of property and conduct camps throughout the year.