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Thank you for visiting "our Preaching" page.  It is our desire to exalt the Savior through expostional preaching and verse by verse teaching of the Word of God.  The preaching of the modern day evangelical is shallow and does little to challenge the mind or heart.  It is our desire at the Galilee Baptist Church to provide the website visitor with information and instruction that will enable them to further serve the Lord with fulness of joy.  This page will provide the visitor with "food for thought" that will push the Bible student futher into the pages of God's Holy Word.  You will also be provide with outlines from Pastor Wells that can be downloaded for your own personal use.  Please feel free to download the audio sermons for your listening pleasure.  Utilize these resources as often as you like and my God richly bless you.

Sermon Seed Thoughts

1. Earthquakes in the Bible

2. Water in the Wilderness

3. "Much More" (word study on this phrase in the book of Romans)

4. Questions Jesus Asked (questions in the four gospels that Jesus asked)

5. Hunger (study the biology of hunger in the human body and make a spiritual application)

6. What is Biblical Repentance?

7. Pride (study every reference in the Bible dealing with pride this is an amazing study)

8. "Secret" (word study through the Bible)

9. "Distress" (word study through the Bible)

10. The Anatomy of God (God's hands, feet, shoulders, arms, face, etc.)


Sermon Selection

The House of the Rechabites

Text: Jeremiah 35:1-19

Introduction: This passage tells of a family that followed God though they were not Hebrew.  This family had a mandate from their father that they were to drink no wine.  The command was 300 years old when it was challenged by Jeremiah and yet they held true to their convictions.  May God give us families who who will pass their convictions to their children ans who will accomplish great things for God.

I. Chronicles of the Family

Note: This family was the family of Moses Father in law.  They were known as the Kenite people.

1 Chron. 2:55/Judges 1:16/Ex. 18/Judges 4 (Jael)

II. Character of the Family

A. Pliable and Soft

Rechabites - Softness and Tenderness (We will do nothing for God or our families if we are not willing to be molded)

Ps. 37:4

B. Passion for the Scripture

1 Chron 2:55 (They were scribes which means that they were copiers of the Word of God)

Ps. 119:140/Heb. 4:12

C. People of Submission

1 Sam. 15:6 (Kenites were dwelling with the Amalekites which are a type of the flesh warned they were wrong they moved)

Rom. 7:18/Rom. 8:8/Rom. 8:13/Rom. 13:14/Gal. 5:16

D. Practiced Standing with the Man of God

Note: 2 Kings 9-10 tell the story of Jehu becoming king and slaughtering the house of Ahab when he happens upon Jehonadab the son of Rechab who pledges his loyality to the new king.

Heb. 13:7,17

III. Convictions of the Family

A. Seen (visible)

Note: Jeremiah and all Israel knew what the House of the Rechabites would do when the wine was set before them.  Why?  Because everyone in Isreal knew where they stood on the issue of wine.  Does anyone know where you stand?

Rom. 12:1-2/2 Cor. 6:17

B. Schooling

Note: In our text we are 300 years from the time the standard was set and yet the family is still compliant with the wishes of their father.  How is this possible?  No generation failed to pass down the wishes of their father to the next generation.

Deut. 6:5-7

C. Settled

Note: The family fathers did not have to sit around the table and discuss whether or not this request from Jeremiah would be ok or not.  The standard and conviction was settled in their heart and mind a long time ago.

Jeremiah 35:6

D. Specific

1. Physical (vs. 7 "Drink no wine"  This has to do with a physical act.  Our convictions need to affect our physical body.)

2. Planted (vs. 8 "neither shall ye build house"  This has to do with them becoming too settles on this earth."

3. Provisional (vs. 8  "nor sow seed, nor plant vineyard, nor have any"  This does not mean that the Rechabites were lazy on the contrary they worked hard to stay in the land of promise.  They had to glean the fields as any other stranger would do.  The lesson their father was teaching them was that they were to rely on God to meet their need.

IV. Crowning of the Family

Jeremiah 35:19

Note: God promised the family that because of their obedience, they would never want for a man to stand before God for them.  I believe that every Sunday somewhere in the world a representative of this family will stand and proclaim God's word.  That someone may be you.